I'm an abstract painter and writer living in Sacramento with my husband Marcos and our toddler, Calvin. I put down the paintbrush in college and recently picked it back up after the birth of my son. I've always been interested in understanding the world on an emotional level and connecting with people through shared stories. My paintings are an interpretation of my experiences from those two perspectives.

I create to process my own emotions and past experiences, but also to connect with others -- to tell stories that I hope bring light, even to the heaviest subjects. I hope you find that here.

Artist Statement

I paint to create space for emotion and to process experiences organically. Painting is one way I acknowledge and communicate things I feel and the impact my experiences have had on my life. I am a storyteller, and in this season I am using imagery and color as my language.

Although the topics are personal and some heavy, it is in my nature to always seek connection. No matter what I paint about, there is hope in the expression — in the color, movement, and the dialogue between the titles and compositions. I use color to represent people and their energy, and shapes to emphasize relationship. Pink and yellow tones speak personally, with black emphasizing the various tones specific relationships take in my life. Blues and greens are used to communicate growth and spiritual connections with white alluding to change. Marks in graphite and ink as well as untidy brush marks tap into the fluidity of emotion, the intuition I access when I paint.

I believe that artistic expression connects us. It helps us recognize others as they desire to be known as well as ourselves in others. Painting helps me become more understanding and graceful.This always lead to hope. This is why I paint.